Let Your Heart and Mind Select the Music Playlist

Let Your Heart and Mind Select the Music Playlist

Recently we started exploring the great applications of Internet of Things for Music Industry. The available gadgets and apps for experiencing Music is just the tip of the iceberg. Smart sensors, sensor data mining and Internet based Smartphone apps are going to bring a whole new dimension in terms of experiencing Music to its core essence. In one of our previous posts, we presented the great visions of Will.i.am about Music with Internet of Things Technology. In this new post we continue this journey by presenting another set of great works on: how can we let our heart and mind select the music playlist for us!

Musical Heart is a cool smart earbud for listening to music, that tells the smartphone to recommend, play and share music playlist, that is suitable for the user mood, health and situation. Musical Heart is part of the Septimu project currently going on in Microsoft Research. Septimu project is combined “software and hardware solutions that utilize and/or augment mobile phones to continuously monitor users’ wellness without changing their existing lifestyle”, according to Microsoft Research.

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The internal-facing microphone on the Musical Heart earbud listens to the sound signal from the heart and reliably measures the heart rate. The onboard IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensors on the earbuds also let the Smartphone collect activity and health conditions of the user. Intelligent algorithms running on the Smartphone classifies the physiological and activity level of the user, and then recommends or play suitable music playlist. It can also assist the user to maintain a target heart rate through the means of dynamic music suggestions, although having the user doing different activities. This is an excellent example of leveraging user friendly actuation (like music) and social networks, to motivate users to keep their good health conditions.

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Another interesting headphone Mico from Neurowear detects brainwaves and analyses the user mood, thus connecting brainwaves to a music app  and music database to select the song suitable for the state of user’s mind. Below is some video from Mico app demo at 2013 SXSW Interactive Trade Show at Austin, Texas.

These were cool gadgets that can measure our mood and state of mind from sensing our heart and mind, and then suggests or automatically plays suitably perfect music playlist for us. There is another very interesting iPhone app (Android app reportedly coming soon) called Biobeats that can turn user heartbeat into suitable sound on the iPhone, in order to calm the user down when in stress. The users just hold his/her finger over the Smartphone’s camera and the app detects variation in the light, passing through the finger as blood flows through the veins. This is a neat and smart way to estimate the heart rate.


Biobeats recently performed a cool biometric music experiment (http://www.turnuptheloveexperiment.com/), a collaboration with hip-pop crew Far East Movement, where about 1.5 million users’ heartbeats were connect and visualized live, while those users were watching the live streaming of the band playing via Ustream.

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