64 Health/Environment Sniffing Sensor Pack for Smartphone

64 Health/Environment Sniffing Sensor Pack for Smartphone

It’s time for Smart Healthcare, more specifically for Proactive Well-Being. Internet of Things has just started to revolutionize Consumer Products, music, and now Healthcare. Healthcare and Well-Being services and market opportunities for Smart Healthcare is getting big push this year. Two main factors that are mobilizing this Smart Healthcare revolution are: invention and availability of various tiny health sensors, and massive usage of Smartphones worldwide.

qualcom tricorder X prize

Imagine you just take your Smartphone out of your pocket to test the air for toxins, or you just breath into your Smartphone to know your current health. Well it’s almost here. One of the latest innovation in next generation health and environment sniffing sensor pack is a sens

or pack of 64 nano-sensors in just less than one square centimeter, almost the size of a postage stamp. It has been developed by research scientists from NASA Ames and  University of California Santa Cruz. It has recently won 2012 NASA Government Invention of the Year. This device, along with smart interfacing with Smartphone and Cloud, can be a strong contender for $10 million Qualcomm XPRIZE Tricorder Challenge and for $2.25 million Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE.

The device can estimate one or more unknown parts of a gas using carbon nano-tubes. All the electronic nano-sensors made out of these carbon nano-tubes are cheap, light and very little power consuming. It can be connected directly into a Smartphone, and will be ready to serve a myriad of Smart Healthcare applications, ready to fit right into the pockets of people. Teams are working to develop a low-cost consumer friendly commercial version for health and safety applications.
Internet of Things for Health

This nano-sensor suite was originally developed for space applications. This have been used on the International Space Station since the year 2008, for the purpose of measuring air-quality. This completely non-invasive device is perfect for diagnosis, and even for prognosis for health conditions of people. It is fascinating to know that different chemical contents in our breathe actually indicates possibility of several health conditions. The relationship between level of acetone in breath and the level of blood sugar indicates diabetes level. Also there is a correlation found between nitrous oxide and lung cancer. Actually a lot of secrets to our health conditions and well-being are hidden inside our regular breathe that we inhale and exhale every moment.

Nokia Sensing X Challenge


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